AKFF: Shorts 1

Amsterdam Koerdisch Film Festival 2023

A selection of Kurdish shorts

Fingerprint – 12 min.

Director: Zanyar Muhammadineko

Zara is a working Kurdish woman, who lost both her national ID card and birth certificate. She goes to a civil registry office to get them once more because she needs them for an employment application, but the staff tells her that she has lost her fingerprints, and she needs to give her hands a break for a couple of weeks. Her employment application has a strict deadline and she can’t wait that long. That’s when she tries to find a different solution…


A Tribune Story – 28 min.

Directors: Fatma Çelik & Aylin Kızıl

This film focuses on the struggle of the young supporters of Amedspor, a football team that struggled to find representation in Diyarbakır during the 2016-2017 season due to the state of emergency.


Jang u Rang – 5 min.

Director: Adnan Zandi

A few children are playing in a war torn neighborhood when suddenly their ball is thrown towards the enemy trench.


3 Roj – 8 min.

Director: Pesheng Ali

It’s a journey without a known destination. On this journey the 4 Kurdish-Syrian youth take a break at a friend’s place to recover before continuing. What is told in the film are a few minutes of change.


The Last Meeting Sound – 17 min.

Director: Hawkar Salih Ali

After surviving the Anfal massacre, Ibrahim meets Shawbo for the last time in a nursing home. Ibrahim wants to remind Shawbo of an important subject in the final moments.


Sounds of Love – 10 min.

Director: Pari Barzanji

Sounds are often a deep connection to places and people, in this short, sounds of love are explored through a lens of a Kurdish youth in a diaspora.