AKFF: Shorts 2

Amsterdam Koerdisch Film Festival 2023

A selection of Kurdish shorts

Mind Clemency – 14 min.

Director: Warman Saeed

A couple lives in one house, the wife suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and creates problems for her husband.


A Ezidi Tale – 32 min.

Director: Pablo Tosco

The life of the musician Fahad changed forever when the artillery of the self-proclaimed Islamic State shook the outskirts of Til Essir. They fled to the mountains of Shengal and after years of exile he returned to heal the wounds of war with his music.


Red Room – 14 min.

Director: Lilian Amir Ali

The story of a woman who lives in a house with her daughter independently. For the family’s livelihood, men enter this house every day. Women’s neighborhoods have a negative view of this woman. But not all is as it seems.


Laboratory no. 2 – 16 min.

Directors: Edris Abdi & Aware Omar

The story of an old man who has been working in the autopsy department of Sulaymaniyah University of Medical Sciences for 14 years. During these 14 years, he worked on a corpse. He finally decides to retire.


Fifth Narcissus – 5 min.

Director: Sarkot Nikdel

A young boy sells Narcissus by the roadside. He experiences the same thing happening each time that he sells his flowers until one day…