Biography: the 9 lives of Ozzy Osbourne


The film follows the life of one of the biggest legends of rock'n'roll. Ozzy Ozbourne has almost single-handedly personified rock'n'roll lifestyle for more than five decades.

He’s like a cat, he has had many lives, always landing on his feet and propelling himself towards greater success – and almost dying several times along the way.

The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne follows Ozzy’s many lives: from living in poverty during his childhood and his prison time, to fronting metal band Black Sabbath and a successful solo career, to a lovable 21st-century TV dad. As Ozzy turns 70, he reflects on his extraordinary life, revealing intimate details of his successes, failures and unique ability for survival and reinvention, as well as struggling with his health for the past year, after his January announcement that he has Parkinson’s disease.