It’s yours: a story of Hip Hop and the Internet


It's the dawn of the 21st century: hip hop sales are on fire, but so are the P2P file sharing networks like Napster.

Within less than 20 years, the music industry saw a rapid transformation with the power shifting from big record labels to the hands of artists themselves. This phenomenon influenced hip hop production more than any other genre, with its young artists beginning to self-market on the Internet – ultimately helping the collapse of the music industry as we knew it.

Filmed over ten years It’s Yours explores how it became possible to become a rap star through a Twitter account, a Youtube account or a Myspace page. It pays close attention to some of the most innovative and enterprising of these artists as they were doing it. Watch how the latest generation of hip hop artists successfully utilised the Internet to elevate their music and their reputation, as it brought them ten steps closer to their audience, creating a more immediate relationship. Who needs a label exec when you have a laptop and a good connection?

The film features -among others- Wiz Khalifa, Lil B, Odd Future and Syd the Kid (The Internet). It also examines the pitfalls and achievements of this new ever changing landscape from the controversy that besets lyrics website Rap Genius and the closing of legendary record shop Fat Beats to the origins of a social and political movement like Ferguson.