Joan Jett, Bad Reputation


Intense biography of Joan Jett’s greater glory, from The Runaways to the Black Hearts and until today, that reveals the lesser known facets of this pioneer of rock made by women, and icon of rebellion and courage.

Many have tried to pigeonhole her, but Joan Jett always ended up doing whatever she wanted. Starting with the electric guitar she got at 13, we cop a look at a career brimming with bomb-proof determination. From those teenage years in the mid-70s in the clubs on L.A.’s Sunset Boulevard (where Bowie, Iggy Pop and T-Rex were considered gods), in which, along with The Runaways, she refused to settle for the pre-designated role of Lolita or groupie and proved that they could rock as hard as the next man, and the relationship with a manager as shrewd as depraved as Kim Fowley (“Frankenstein on crack”, claims Iggy) to coming within a millimetre of self-destruction, her comeback with The Blackhearts and massive stardom via MTV with “I Love Rock’n’ Roll. ” She also talks about her relationship with the English punk scene and his decision to release her own records in the face of contempt and condescension (i.e. blatant misogyny) from the music industry and the press. In this highly informative film, which features the testimonies of Iggy Pop, Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Miley Cirus, former singer of The Runaways Cherie Currie, Chris Stein, Debbie Harry (Blondie) and Kathleen Hanna, we also discover a life full of surprising and less well-known episodes, such as her role as a producer for punk groups, her animal rights activism and her role in kick-starting Bikini Kill’s career.

English spoken