Two decades of home videos reveal the life of M.I.A., first as a refugee in London fleeing the war in Sri Lanka and then as a star in a business that does not tolerate political positions.

A filmmaker by vocation, M.I.A. began recording her life and surroundings in South London twenty-two years ago, where her family of Tamil origin had taken refuge while escaping the war. The vast video archive that she accumulated now allows her to reconstruct her tremendous journey as a young immigrant for whom music was the only compass by which to be placed in London’s racial mosaic. And everything that came after: her discovery of hip -hop and urban music, her ephemeral collaboration as a documentary maker with Elastica (from a very different social stratum), the obsessive search for her own sound and her own story, trips to Sri Lanka, the visit by her father (a Tamil guerrilla leader), her sudden stardom and her determination to take advantage of that status to denounce a genocide that neither Europe nor the United States, nor those who wore the pants in the entertainment industry wanted to hear anything about.

English spoken / English subtitles