Zone 5300 Revue

Kaboom Animation Festival

Let’s have a bit of a celebration, shall we? Because 25 years ago Zone 5300 – a Dutch magazine for comics, culture, and curios – was founded. The first issue was published in October 1994, and since then it’s hard to imagine a comic world without it.

It has featured work by talents from all over the world, ranging from young debutants to veterans like Daniel Clowes, Alan Moore and Lorenzo Mattotti. Some of these comic artists also have been succesfull in animation. Among those are Maria Björklund, Remco Polman, Milan Hulsing and, working on a brand new project right now, Maaike Hartjes.

The Zone 5300 Revue will be a celebration of the magazine, jampacked with animated shorts by those artists and a few surprises from the vaults of Zone 5300, that have been waiting to see the light of day again…

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