Cattiva coscienza: Italian Cineclub

Italian Cineclub

Samen met L’Istituto Italiano di Cultura en de Italian Cineclub presenteren we recente Italiaanse cinema.

Flavio Aulino on the movie he selected for this month:

Filippo (Filippo Scicchitano) is the classic good guy; he has no vices, is all about home and work, and has a historical fiancée he is about to marry. But the credit for all this is not only his. He has a Conscience, impersonated by the legendary and very skilled Otto (Francesco Scianna), who guides and keeps him in check. To the detriment of Filippo’s happiness, though: he does what he must without being really convinced.

In the Other World, indeed, dwell our consciences (and we will learn at the end of the film who they are), employees of the spirit who follow us and control us so that we do not do bad things. But what is the difference between a good and an evil deed? And what could happen if the scrupulous Otto, distracted by a colleague, left his protégé free to act for a few hours?

Minnella, in this second movie, makes a surreal and funny comedy with an international flair, about how moral scruples and conscience are able to condition our behavior. The film features exceptionally talented actors, especially Scianna, who finally plays the role of a memorable protagonist. The film participated in the last Taormina FilmFest.

Cineville-tickets will be available from the 16th of October