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Italian Cineclub

Samen met L’Istituto Italiano di Cultura en de Italian Cineclub presenteren we recente Italiaanse cinema.

Flavio Aulino on the movie he selected for this month: 

Finally, an all-female Italian noir
There’s a fierce gang of Serbian criminals moving against the background of suburban Rome, quite different from what the bourgeois comedies of recent years have accustomed us to. And then there are Gaetano and Bruno, two petty Roman criminals who happen to have the definitive heist on their hands. However, they have no chance of pulling it off and offer it to Dragan, the Serbian boss, in exchange for a share of the loot.
One of the leading elements of the gang, though, is Vera (the splendid Isabella Ragonese), an undercover police officer. Vera is a tough woman who has built a shell of loneliness to defend herself from the outside world and a painful past. But she is also Bruno’s sister and is entirely in the dark about her brother.
There are all the ingredients for a crime movie full of twists and turns, psychological conflicts, and expertly choreographed action (the director has long experience in this kind of shooting). All the characters are, at the same time, sheep and wolves just trying to survive in a ruthless and bleak existential wilderness with no possibility of redemption. The film participated in the last Rotterdam Film Festival with good success.