For Justice | AKFF

The story of a mother who started a protest sitting in front of the justice court for more than a year, waiting for justice for her two sons and husband who lost their lives during the attack.

Emine Sanyasar, who lost her two sons and husband in an attack and one of her sons is in prison, seeking justice! She travels 42 miles every day as she starts a protest with her other son by sitting in front of the Court to be heard. Due to her struggle, many reporters and journalists visit her and many civilians sit next to her to support her rights.

The screening of For Justice will be preceded by the short film Ajotin (19 min.) by Muhammed Seyyid Yildiz. An illegal Kurdish refugee borrows the car of his dreams for a joyride around London. Freedom starts to get blurry when a series of misfortunes comes his way, leading him to make a fateful decision.