Klabu launch event + documentary Nice People

Join Klabu to make a connection through sports, food and movies!

How to connect local Amsterdammers and refugees? Klabu does that through sports. Every week a group of Dutch locals, refugees, expats, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants come together in Westerpark for a workout. The organisation started The Amsterdam Spirit in 2021 and it has now over 200 members of all ages, genders, sexual orientation and origins. 

So it is time to celebrate! On August 1ste Klabu launches their short film which showcases their members, their energy and the new Amsterdam Spirit club shirt. The short film is produced and supported by HERC Agendy and DPPLR 

After that we show Nice People, sponsored by Nexiko and First Hand Films. This heatwarming documentary is about the first Somali ’Bandy’ (ice hockey) team in the world, consisting of Somali immigrants who live in the friendly Swedish town of Börlange. While having no ice skating experience whatsoever the boys wish to compete in the Bandy world championships in Siberia. 

Want to meet up before, to talk and connect? There is a limited amount of tickets including dinner available! 

18:30 – dinner 

19:30 – Klabu-short and Nice People  

Tickets: €5 (only films) or €15 (films + buffet dinner)