Sinjar | AKFF

Three women whose lives are shattered by ISIS travel intertwined journeys on two continents to find their shared destiny in fighting back.

Sinjar, Kurdistan, 2014. As ISIS soldiers invade the city on a genocidal campaign against Kurdish Yazidis, Hadia and her children, including her teenage daughter Arjin, are captured, separated and sold into slavery by European-born ISIS soldier Marc. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, Marc’s mother Carlota comes out of her ignorance of reality to face her caring son’s sudden disappearance and his joining the Islamic State. As Carlota struggles to unravel the mystery surrounding Marc’s disappearance, Hadia faces an ever-increasing mother’s nightmare that puts each of her children at stake and takes her to the brink of desperation, and Arjin–now a soldier–is challenged to reach into the depths of her being for strength to face death and the enemy that destroyed her family. How far will Arjin, Hadia and Carlota go for the ones they love?