Spoorloos – Dutch Delight

Ketelhuis Expat

Discover the Chilling Masterpiece ‘Spoorloos’ With Enlish subtitles including an introduction!

Join us at Het Ketelhuis for an unforgettable evening as part of our Dutch Delight Program, featuring the critically acclaimed psychological thriller Spoorloos (The Vanishing) – with an introduction by Naomi Tidball. Directed by George Sluizer and based on Tim Krabbé’s novel The Golden Egg, this 1988 Dutch-French film will grip you from start to finish with its intense narrative and haunting atmosphere.

On a seemingly ordinary vacation in France, a young Dutch couple, Rex and Saskia, stop at a gas station where Saskia mysteriously vanishes. Desperate to find her, Rex embarks on a relentless three-year quest for answers. His search leads him to Raymond, an unassuming family man with a sinister secret, who offers Rex a chance to uncover the truth.

Sluizer’s Spoorloos, is celebrated for its spellbinding atmosphere, powerful performances, and meticulous pacing, making it a standout in the thriller genre. The film’s haunting narrative and psychological depth leave a lasting impact on audiences, significantly broadening the depth of Dutch Cinema. Its influence extended to Hollywood, where it inspired further adaptations, solidifying its status as a landmark film in cinematic history.