Transient Happiness | AKFF

After years of marriage, a woman longs for the affection of her husband, who remains unaware of the distance growing between them. As she yearns for the intimacy they once shared, she must navigate their cultural norms and societal expectations to express her desire for a deeper connection.

Set in a beautiful and traditional Kurdish village, this film tells the story of an ageing couple struggling to reignite their love. As the woman longs for a deeper connection with her husband, she must navigate cultural norms and societal expectations. In the midst of war and conflict and with the beauty of nature surrounding them, the woman gains clarity about her desires and must find the courage to express them to her husband.

The screening of Transient Happiness will b preceded by the short film Seven Symphonies of the Zagros (24 min.) by Parviz Rostami. This documentary narrates the philosophy of seven musical Maqams of the Oldest wind instrument (Shamshal) in the life of the people of Zagros. The Seven Maqams is narrated using the monologue of an old man who spent 65 years of his life playing the Shamshal (a Kurdish wind Instrument).