AKFF 2024: shorts 3

Amsterdam Koerdisch Film Festival

A selection of Kurdish shorts

Sound rise (Ferya Younesi, 2023), 28 min.

A movie about Zhina revolution, about victims of “Woman, Life, Freedom”. This film tells a story of two victims of Zhina revolution that, in revolution time, wanted to make a song for protesters, but they were arrested and they are tortured and violated in the Islamic Republic prison. After freedom, they fled from Iran and make their song in another country.

Omid (Didar Aglac Guzelkara, 2023), 6 min.

Realizing that she has lost her color in a graying world, an architect flees from the gray world to the world of birds and learns the story of the last surviving Siberian crane.

The sleeping death (Zilan Hemo, 2023) 15 min.

A Kurdish YPJ fighter wakes up heavily wounded in a house, where she finds all her family members killed around her. She notices the house is surrounded by IS. She is out of ammunition. In her pocket there is only one bullet left. How is she gonna use her last bullet? 

Baby Ant (Derya Uygurlar, 2023), 15 min.

Tomorrow is an important day for Ayser, she will visit her husband in prison. Until then, she has to finish sewing clothes to pay the lawyer, confront her older sister Emine and convince her daughter Deniz that she cannot take her to the meeting.

Recasted (Rowal Navgundî , 2022), 6 min.

8 year old Mamo returns home after participating in a high-profile movie production, where he played the lead role, and is accused of acting differently.  

The decision (Bakhtiar Khalili, 2023), 2 min.