I had seeded pomegranate for you

Amsterdam Koerdisch Film Festival

After the loss of his son Hewram broke off all relationships. Will he be able to connect again?

In Rojhelat, the Sirwan River divides a village in two parts. A precarious footbridge connects them, over a steep gorge. Shaho was a teacher in both villages and was well loved by all. Some years ago one of his students, Aram, was struggling in the river, and Shaho jumped in to rescue the boy. Shaho saved him, but in the process he himself drowned. Today most of the villagers remember Shaho fondly and regard his death as God’s will. But Hewram blames the world for his son’s death and has broken off relations with everyone. He particularly blames Aram. Hewram’s wife Rozbar left him because of his behavior. Shaho’s widow has remarried. Now Hewram lives in isolation with his granddaughter Baran. Then one day Aram’s life is once again endangered. Who will rescue him?  The episode changes Hewram’s outlook on life.