Kaspar Hauser – Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle (English subs)

Ketelhuis Expat

Werner Herzog's interpretation of the Kaspar Hauer story, about a young man who cannot speak or read, received three awards at Cannes.

One day, in one of the streets of Nuremberg, a young man is found dressed in rags, unable to speak or read. In his hand a letter with his name, Kaspar Hauser. Kaspar is exhibited as a freak in the circus – in 1828, people do not treat people who deviate from the norm gently -, until scholars meet the boy. They want to study man in the state of nature: does he have a concept of God? Moral sense? And how quickly can you socialise someone kept in a cellar?

Werner Herzog has always been quirky. For the role of 17-year-old Kaspar Hauser – the ‘enfant sauvage’ who cannot speak – he chose 41-year-old Berlin street singer Bruno S.