Strength | AKFF

From captive to commander: Follow the remarkable journey of Hêza, a Kurdish Yazidi woman who rose from the horrors of ISIS enslavement to lead a band of fighters into battle against the world's most dangerous terrorist organization, in this powerful documentary about resilience, hope, and courage.

This documentary is about a Kurdish Yazidi woman who had been enslaved during the attack of the Islamic State (ISIS) on Shengal (Sinjar) which started on 3 August 2014. It tells what she’d lived through in the hands of ISIS, how she managed to escape, and how she carried on with her life after her escape. Hêza, never in her wildest dream thought she would one day be commanding hundreds of men and women fighters into a battle against the world’s most dangerous jihadist terror organisation (ISIS) and defeat them. Hêza was just a young girl when she along with 5000 other Kurdish Yazidi women were captured and enslaved by ISIS. After years of pain and suffering, she finally escapes.

The screening of Strength will be preceded by the short film The Mountains, A Feminine Narrative (21 min.) by Rebwar Mahmoud Pour. This film is about waiting women who are looking at the mountains for their loved ones to return home.