The taste of water

Amsterdam Koerdisch Film Festival

Urgent documentary about drought and the way it affects peoples lives

In the village of Dizaj Dol, near Iran’s Lake Urmia, water scarcity has dried up wells and gardens. Farmers Kak Mohammad and Mashhadi Askar, who come from different backgrounds, are facing the environmental challenges in their own way. Kak Mohammad’s well still has some water, but as the sea dries up, he can no longer feed his garden. Drought and salt storms bring disasters that lead to recession, unemployment and disease in the region. Villagers turn to prayer, each following his faith: Mashhadi Asgar and the Azaris hold a ceremony near the dried lake, while Kak Mohammad and the Kurds gather in mosques. Despite setbacks, Kak Mohammad persists with wedding plans for his son, but concerns about the future and the state of the lake persist.