Kiddo (English subs)

Ketelhuis Expat

Mother and daughter go on a road trip to Poland in this heartwarming film for young and old.

11-year-old Lu lives in a foster home and dreams of seeing her mother Karina again. Karina is a movie star in Hollywood. At least, that’s what Lu thinks. When Karina turns up unexpectedly, she takes Lu on an adventurous road trip in her beat-up sports car. They go to Lu’s grandmother, all the way in Poland, to retrieve a pile of money Karina hid there years earlier. That way they can start over and be together forever, Karina promises. It will be a thrilling and exciting ride, as Karina’s life motto is ‘all or nothing’. But along the way, Lu realises that ‘just a little’ can be very nice too.

Kiddo is Zara Dwinger’s debut feature film and had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.

Dutch director Zara Dwinger's feature debut is witty, sometimes touching and just enough wry. de Volkskrant
Kiddo is a playful film, with chapters ('#4 crazy'), texts in the picture ('she's coming!') and funny old film clips. But the undertone is serious. NRC Handelsblad